Place Branding

Place branding is the process of identifying, defining, and demonstrating a place’s unique strengths and assets, its vision and values, its story and personality. It builds the tools needed to represent communities in a truthful, engaging, and effective way. Every town, city, district, region, or province, wants to be a sought-after destination and attract positive attention. A place where people want to live, work and come together to create a successful community. However, growth, tourism, and economic development are driven by being a place of choice. So how a community shapes public perception is extremely important.
Whether the community is home to a natural attraction, or a unique product or service; whether it’s a thriving city, or a historic town; it has a story to tell. A strong place brand creates an emotional connection with each target market. It provides a consistent and distinct message that engages both stakeholders and the public in a common vision, and helps communities and organizations achieve business success by providing a reference points for every business decision.

Synergist’s strategic and creative team provides direction and develops the tools needed to take the next step in creating a dynamic community message.