Governance Training & Reviews

Corporate governance defines the structures and processes by which organizations are directed, controlled and held to account. Can you clearly articulate your governance roles and responsibilities as a Council or Board Member? Who is in charge, who sets direction, who makes decisions, who monitors progress, and who is accountable for the organization’s performance, are all questions addressed by training and reviews.

Without adequate training, members of Boards and Councils can find themselves deep into a term without making progress or bringing substantial value to the table. To ensure the big picture is managed without getting bogged down in the details, new board members must come to terms with their roles and expectations quickly and efficiently. Holding a position on a Board or Council should be a great experience; however, a dysfunctional Board or Council leads to anything but true Governance.

Synergist's customized sessions address the unique situation and nuances of your current Board or Council, covering these and other topics in governance orientation and training workshops:


  • What is Governance?
  • Expectations of Board Members
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Building Effective Relationships between Board/Council and Management
  • Governance Models
  • Importance of Protocols
  • Challenges and Landmines

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