Synergist Communications Inc.

You have a unique story. We’ll help you tell it.

Synergist thrives by helping communities and organizations grow. Every brand has a story to tell, and when it’s told the right way at the right time—incredible, measurable results start to happen. Public perception and engagement improves and investments take hold.

We provide clients with affordable and innovative ways to source, engage, and partner with experienced management consultants and marketing communications professionals. From place branding to governance training, we’ll work with you to build strong teams, communication channels, and brands that align with your organizational goals and values.

We’re driven by what you want to achieve. Let’s get started.

Core Services:

Place Branding I Corporate & Product Branding I Governance Training & Reviews I Organizational Reviews I Communications Audits & Plans I Strategic Planning Facilitation I Team Building Exercises / Retreats Seminars & Workshops I Executive Search